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The Great Akira Toriyama893 viewsHere he is folks! The Creator of Dragonball, DragonBall Z, and Manga Genius!
*bows to the great Akira Toriyama*
Autograph from Alistair Abell407 viewsHere's a great one from the Season 1 & 2 actor who played Future Trunks!
Autograph from Brad Swaile412 viewsAn autograph from the Seasons 1 & 2 voice actor who played Teen Gohan.
Autograph from Cathy Weseluck420 viewsShe's from the original seasons... the voice of young Trunks and Chiaotzu!
Autograph From Kirby Morrow499 viewsHe's the voice of Goku from the original Vancouverís "Ocean cast" , season 1 & 2.
Autograph from Michael Dobson558 viewsMichael was from Vancouverís "Ocean cast" Season 1 & 2 and played many characters, including Kami, Nail, Nappa, Spopovich, and Supreme Kai
Autograph from Sean Schemmel1186 viewsSean is the Voice of Goku, from the cast for all the seasons after 1 & 2. This is on a rare Artbox card I got from a good friend.
Autograph from Sonny Strait #1622 viewsA friend of mine got this autograph for me when he was at an Anime Convention. He told Sonny that it was for me, that I had gotten his autograph a few years earlier, but that I couldn't be at this convention in person, and so Sonny did this cute drawing for my autograph this time! I love it!
Autograph from Sonny Strait #2702 viewsSonny drew this for me after we were discussing his artwork that he does in a manga called ElfQuest. He drew this funny "Elfin Krillin" inside my copy of the manga. I was lucky to be able to spend quite a bit of time talking with him at our store on his DBZ Hummer tour. I also have an autographed DBZ TShirt.
Autograph from Sonny Strait #3870 viewsThis is a drawing I did for Sonny Strait when he came to our store on the DBZ Hummer Tour. I made a little collage of some of his cool character poses and I gave him the drawing when he was doing autographs. He loved it! I also had a copy of it saved for me, and so he autographed the copy for me... It says "To Camille - You're so Sweet! Thanks so much! Sonny Strait - Krillin"
Brad Swaile982 viewsHere's what Gohan looks like, Season 1 & 2 from Vancouverís "Ocean cast"
Brad Swaile 21074 viewsAnother pic of Brad, or "Gohan" from the Canadian voice actor group from Season 1 & 2
Cathy Weseluck1016 viewsShe's the voice of Young Trunks,Chiaotzu & Puar in the 1st 2 seasons.
Chris Rager1409 viewsCan you believe Hercule looks like this??
Chris Sabat1844 viewsThis talented Voice Director is also the voices of: Vegeta, Piccolo,Yamcha, Mr Popo, Raditz, Kami, King Vegeta, Guru, Zarbon, and even Jeice! Wow!
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